Finding the Right Veterinarian

If you have had your cat for many years, chances are you have a long standing relationship with your veterinarian. Still, there are times when it becomes necessary to find a new vet; if you move, for instance, or if your vet retires.

You also may decide to change your cat’s doctor for other reasons. Here are some suggestions to help you choose the best vet for your needs and your cat’s health.

First, decide what is important to you. Do you want to be there when the vet examines your cat, or do you prefer to drop off and pick her up later? Do you need evening or Saturday appointments? Are you comfortable with the clinic’s emergency services?

Does their payment and billing policy meet your needs? Recommendations from friends are useful for narrowing down your choices. On the other hand, your cousin’s favorite vat may not suit you, so try to interview those who interest you before your cat needs care.

Most veterinarians will talk to you for a few minutes at no charge, but even if you have to pay for an office visit, it is worth it to know that your cat’s health, in fact, her life, will be in good hands.

You do not necessarily need to be friends with your vet, but you should be confident in his knowledge and skills.

Above all, he should really like cats. If you do not like your vet or his approach to providing care, or if the atmosphere or policies of the practice in which he works make you uncomfortable, find someone else.

As we all know, going to the doctor is stressful, and if your cat is unaccustomed to dogs or afraid them, a waiting room full of canines can make vet visits even worse. If that is the case, consider switching to a cats only practice.